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How to I report my NICE continuing education credits?

You can report continuing education credits under the National IRES Continuing Education (NICE) program by following these steps:

 1. Log into your IRES Account 
 2. While in the edit mode of your profile, click on the Professional Designations tab on the left side navigation bar.
 3. On the Journal Entries tab, click on the Add Entry button to bring up the Add Entry form.
 4. Complete the Add Entry form as follows:

Form Field


Is this entry for a Certificate or Program?: This should be Yes
Certification/Program: Use the drop down-menu and select NICE Program Requirement
Credit Type:

Select the appropriate Credit Type* from the drop-down box based on the type of continuing education you are reporting.

NOTE: AMCM Class, IRES Committee Service, IRES Webinar, and MCM Program credit types should not be entered. Upon successful completion of these items, IRES will automatically enter your CE credit.

Entry Date: Change the Entry Date to the date you completed the continuing education credit.
Description Field:

Enter the name of the item for which the credit applies. If possible, include the name of the sponsoring entity. For example:

  • NAIC Accreditation Update Webinar
  • LOMA 290 - Insurance Company Operations
  • CPCU 520 - Insurance Operations
  • CIPR Webinar - The Use of Drones in Insurance
Credits: Enter the number of continuing education credits earned.
Credits Expire:

Except for Reachback* credits, credits expire on the last day of the reporting period (August 31st) under which they were earned. Reachback credits would be excess credit earned in the immediate prior period for which you seek credit for in the current period.

For example, if the current reporting year is September 1, 2017 to August 31, 2018:

  • Credits earned on September 10, 2017 would expired August 31, 2018
  • Credits earned on July 2, 2018 would expire on August 31, 2018
  • Reachback credits earned on May 15, 2017 would expire August 31, 2018
Score (%): Leave this field blank.
Activity Code: Leave this field blank.
Attachments: Attach a PDF version of your certificate of attendance (or other proof of completion*). You can also attach a copy of the course outline or agenda if needed to support that the course qualifies for CE under the NICE Program.
 5 Click Submit.

*Complete NICE Program requirements can be found in the NICE Program Manual, including detailed information about the acceptable types of credit, Reachback credits, and acceptable proof of completion.



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